Happy Holidays!

Today I wanted to feature some of my clients from a two recent holiday sessions.  These families wanted some Christmasy options for their holiday cards.  So I came prepared with a few themed props.  Now, don’t feel like you have to have themes or props for your photo sessions, but they can be fun to add into the mix.  Props can work really well with younger kids because it gives them something to do and can help shy kids open up a little more easily.  Sometimes, it can even get the more stoic kids to smile!

The little girl in this first set of photos was a little more reserved and didn’t smile as easily as some kids.  She really did like mashing her face up to my lens though…until she saw the cookies.

Little girl enjoying Santa’s cookies in Clearwater, Florida

Nothing says Christmas like a toddler trying to decide which chocolate chip cookie to eat first!


In this next set of photos we had two brothers who I think really just wanted to wrestle the whole time.  I had to be patient and use a high shutter speed with these two because they were really energetic.  But I got some great candids and I hear they got ice cream after they were done.



Peek-a-boo in the Park

Toddler in the park


I’ve had the chance to photograph this little one three times now.  These photos are clearly from one of my shoots earlier this year – as you can tell by the sweater.  We here in central Florida don’t have much of a winter, so February’s about it for us!







This one’s an outdoor girl!  We tried indoors first but she wasn’t having it.  It didn’t matter though, because once outside her real personality came out and she had a blast running around and hiding behind a tree.  And then there were the swings.  But who can blame her because swings are the best – obviously!



My Very First Blog

So I’m not much for writing (that’s my sister’s forte), but I’m going to give it a shot.  If you’re really in to punctuation placement, you may not want to read my blog.  So far I’ve spent about 5 minutes writing this and mentally telling myself, “Commas are your friend, not your enemy.”  Anyway, onto the good stuff!

So naturally, the easiest first blog revolves around my children. I have three of them.  They all have fur.  And four legs.

For this shoot, I focused on our two pugs (Bugsy and Kallie) mostly because our larger dog Dexter is a little camera shy.  I’d been wanting to capture our pugs’ food obsession for awhile.  So, I picked up a few treats from PetSmart, put them just out of reach, and let them go nuts.  Needless to say, I ended up with some really fun photos.  But, don’t worry.  No pugs were harmed in the making of these photos and they both got treats at the end.